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Getting the best from photoshoots or filming – part 2

In part one of our photography blog, we shared the importance of getting your photoshoot or filming right in order to get the best value from it. However, that’s not the end of the story, there are a number of things to consider in order for them to be effective for your brand.

Good quality photography is more crucial now than it has ever been. 30 years ago, your images would have perhaps appeared on short-term advertising or maybe some in-store branding. Now, they have a much further reach, your brand and images can be on permanent display to a much wider audience through digital and online platforms.

Sometimes you might want to use similar images in a variety of media, so in order to maximise their potential you could use the shoot to take the same image from a variety of angles, and in different sizes. Not every agency will do this with you but, from experience, we know the differences that make particular images work well for usage.

We also provide you with all the rights for photography – once you’ve paid for them, they are yours.  Again, not every agency will do this, but it is recommended given the longevity of photography and film, particularly digital and online platforms, you need to remember that you may not necessarily own the photography or film you’ve commissioned.

How often you need to renew your photography stock depends largely upon your market and how routinely its trends change. A new influx of products naturally demands a shoot, though even continual products need to be kept fresh.

We live in a visual world, and the product needs to inspire aspirational people. If your photography is meticulously planned, fits your brand well and conveys everything that it needs to about your product or service with strong, high quality imagery, then it’s well worth the investment.

For more advice on photography and filming, contact us here.

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