Everbuild - Everflex – Packaging Design and Range Launch Campaign

Relaunching a performance range of sealants and adhesives with a fresh, new look for greater standout and consistency.

Closeup of Bath and Sanitary Silicone being applied to sink — Everbuild Everflex Packaging Design

Everflex by Everbuild, is one of the broadest ranges of adhesives and sealants in the UK building trade. From general purpose to niche applications, there’s a product for practically every job. But, Everbuild felt that the range’s profile needed raising, and it was time for a fresh approach. Now the individual packs reinforce each product’s unique credentials while reflecting the high-quality, professional performance of the entire range.

A strong family look

Using colour and consistent typography we clearly differentiated each pack, enabling us to create a unified range with the strong on-shelf impact that Everbuild was looking for. Now each cartridge clearly conveys its features and benefits consistently across the range, with a suite of iconography highlighting core applications. All of these carefully considered elements now help professionals to make informed purchases quickly, further imbuing trust in the Everflex products.

This fresh approach to the packaging better reflects the entire Everflex range as well as Everbuild’s market-leading status, its world-class expertise, and its unique positioning as ‘The Builders’ Brand’.

Everbuild Everflex Siliconised Acrylic Sealant being applied to skirtingboard — Everbuild Everflex Packaging Design

Time to spread the word

Retailers were generally only stocking a limited number of products from the Everflex range, so customers weren’t aware of the full offering. Improving awareness within builders’ merchants was vitally important to increasing uptake and ultimately increasing sales to builders and other tradespeople.

Everflex The Answer for Practically Everything — Everbuild Everflex Packaging Design
Lorry with, Everflex The Answer for Practically Everything livery on trailer — Everbuild Everflex Packaging Design
Everfles Gatefold Brochure/Booklet — Everbuild Everflex Packaging Design

Launching with a bang

We devised a multi-channel campaign for launch, highlighting the entire range as well as the unique performance credentials of each product. This integrated marketing campaign consistently delivered the overarching message: Everflex, the answer for practically everything.

Strong online presence

The branding, campaign theme and visual assets were used to create a microsite. This enabled retailers to place orders, as well as giving useful information about each product within the Everflex range. It was also tailored to suit the varied knowledge base of the target audiences with a product selector function and a handy jargon buster to improve knowledge and inform purchases.

Everflex webpage shown on a laptop — Everbuild Everflex Packaging Design
3D Render of sealant tubes in shape of a tick — Everbuild Everflex Packaging Design
3D render of sealant tubes standing upright making the shape of a magnifying galss — Everbuild Everflex Packaging Design
3D Render of Everflex range — Everbuild Everflex Packaging Design