250% increase in enquiries since the launch of the rebrand.

When the company was established in 1989, ‘Bringing up Baby’ was a fitting name and the business has been very successful indeed. However, the nursery sector and the needs of parents have evolved in 27 years and competition in nursery care has dramatically increased. We needed to help the nurseries stand out from the ever-growing crowd and market itself more aggressively with the aim of fulfilling capacity and ultimately becoming the nursery of choice within its respective London catchment.





As part of a strategic review to establish its target audiences and benchmark the business against the market, we created the concept of ‘Little Garden’, a new brand embodying the nurseries’ core values of nurturing, caring and inspiring. The new identity emphasises a unique selling point when compared to other London nurseries – each facility has a specially designed outdoor classroom where children are encouraged to explore and play in a safe and secure environment.


We started by creating concepts for a new parent brand that the family of four London-based nurseries could sit under.  We developed Little Garden’s brand proposition, values and personality to better reflect their ethos and established the tone of voice and visual identity to create a contemporary, vibrant brand which would stand out from an ever-growing crowd of competitors.



“The new website now provides a colourful and clear window into our business, allowing users to quickly and easily navigate to information that is relevant to them. This, together with more focus on how we appear in search results, has been a game changer for Little Garden.”

CEO - Little Garden

The new name and logo evoke the outdoor space and the feeling of play in a safe, contained environment. Along with connotations of growth and nurturing.

We developed a colour palette with a natural, ‘earthy’ feel whilst still feeling friendly, vibrant and playful. The illustrations and font have a hand drawn feel to reflect an approachable, warm, child-focused brand.


From stationery and advertising to menu cards and newsletters. A cohesive brand has been created which has a real child focus and appeals to the needs and desires of modern parents.




Tired interiors were given a new lease of life with the brand ethos being playfully communicated at every touchpoint. The nurseries are now encouraging and positive learning environments that feel like a home-from-home for the children.






“I am delighted with the results and confident that our online presence is now stronger than ever, stronger than our competition and will be for several years to come.”