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Less is more – marketing for minimalism

As counter-argument for our previous blog post on consumerism, I wanted to examine the trend at the complete opposite end of the scale. The trend towards Minimalism. A movement no doubt born out of the overwhelming amount of choice and advertising of ‘things’ that we are bombarded with on a daily basis.

Whether it be an environmental stance against the sheer amount of waste we create per person, an opposition to clutter, or simply the desire to invest in a lower quantity of key products and services, minimalism has gained a lot of traction over the past decade. Why have thirty shirts when you can be just as happy with three? Why have shelf upon shelf of CDs and DVDs, when you can digitise them? There are countless documentations online of people feeling happier, freer, even more creative – once minimising and reducing the number of objects they own.

With technology as prevalent as it is today, we are marketed to constantly. We make decisions on what to buy and what not to buy countless times each day. The counter movement of minimalism bucks this trend, and speaks more towards a smaller quantity of key, quality life-enriching services and products, without excess or surplus to requirement. In a minimalist market it can be difficult to capture such selective customers and commit them to purchase.

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So how do design agencies like ourselves market to suit this trend?

We pride ourselves on our ability to cut through the noise and reach out to customers and clients that prioritise quality and longevity in products and services. Identifying unique selling points for our clients and tailoring creative and messaging to suit such a customer base will help get the most out of a marketing budget.

Above all it’s our goal to create better, more profitable marketing for our clients. We aren’t afraid to challenge briefs, recommend a ‘less is more’ approach if that means we can achieve strong, commercial value for our clients through a streamlined marketing approach. Ultimately, we won’t push our clients to market for something they don’t need.

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