GeoSlam - Brand development – Brand activation

Increased sales with an effective, premium brand that matched GeoSlam’s unique and innovative solutions.

GeoSlam recognised that their original branding didn’t reflect their ground-breaking product and service offering or its premium price point. With our fresh approach, we were able to give their game-changing ‘go anywhere’ 3D mapping solutions brand, the tools and the premium look it needed to increase awareness and sales.

Creating a platform for success

Once we’d created the brand architecture and brand story, we were able to establish the GeoSlam brand, who they are and why they are so unique in their sector. Realigning the brand’s positioning in this highly competitive market and creating a strong premium look soon paid dividends – within the first 12 months sales increased dramatically.


increase in sales in the 12 months following the rebrand.

An image speaks a thousand words

And is also worth its weight in gold. Bringing their products to life, highlighting their technical quality and physical motion was fundamental to the success of the brand. Using dramatic lighting and multiple shots retouched together, we were able to create a single image that told the whole story. This instantly elevated the perception of their products in line with their performance and price point.

Branding that stands out in the market

The newly established visual identity and assets have enabled GeoSlam to easily develop the brand, adding new products to the range and grow in-line with its vision. It now has the appeal it needs to attract and engage its target markets and has increased brand awareness globally.

Michon’s creation of our new brand identity has very quickly elevated us to become one of the most recognisable geospatial brands worldwide. We operate in a crowded and fiercely competitive market and we are now at the forefront – thanks to our new branding.

Chief Operating Officer – GeoSlam