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We’re transforming workspaces to help BT create a sense of pride and belonging for their people.

BT Logo on purple internal wall — BT Branded Environments

Workplace environments can have an enormous impact on employee wellbeing, performance and productivity. We’ve been working with BT for a number of years to help them inspire, empower and reconnect employees with the brand, right across the business. Through the redesign of their interiors, we’re creating workspaces that help BT people positively embrace the direction of the brand as it evolves.

+36 point shift in employees’ perception of their workplace and value to BT.

Evidencing the impact of morale on performance

Insight gleaned from research revealed the need for significant changes in how the BT brand is communicated internally, to enable positive engagement and brand advocacy. Through our interpretation of the brand, via transformational environment programmes, we’ve helped to shape BT interiors that motivate and inspire their people.

BT Branded Environemtns - polycryl wall graphic
BT Branded Environments - polycryl wall graphic and man using vending machine

A focus on brand to lead a cultural shift and bring about positive behavioural changes across the business.

BT Branded Environments - polycryl wall graphic

Empowering brand pride

We created a branded workplace solution to unify all BT operations in the UK. We ensured it was accessible, functional and flexible enough to work across all of BT’s business units, their diverse operations and sites.
Our flexible framework and guidelines reflect the core brand values, business objectives and reasons to believe in BT.

Creating a positive change

Our interior design framework echoes the brand personality. It elevates the straightforward language, messaging and imagery to connect, inspire and inform BT people. It delivers clarity around BT’s strategy and its commitment to customer experience. It also ensures that its diverse, global business functions are all unified under the main parent brand.

BT Branded Environments - polycryl wall photography
BT Branded Environments - polycryl wall graphic in corridor
BT Branded Environments Wall Fabrigrab
BT Branded Environments Free Standing Wall Fabrigrab
BT Branded Environments Wall Art

To date, we’ve transformed over 180 BT sites across the UK.

BT Branded Environments Wall Fabrigrab
BT Branded Environments Office Wall