Macmillan International Higher Education - eLearning Solutions – Animations

Creating a unified and cost-effective suite of animations to promote Higher Education eLearning solutions.

Close up of laptop screen showing MacMillan International Higher Eductaion Cite Them Right video animation

With independent learning now more important than ever, university-level students rely heavily on digital resources to aid their studies. As a renowned publisher of academic textbooks, Macmillan International Higher Education is perfectly placed to meet this need. We created a suite of engaging and dynamic films to promote Macmillan’s diverse eLearning solutions to both Higher Education institutions and students themselves.

Bringing eLearning to life for everyone

Each animated film focuses on an individual eLearning solution, showing how each feature works and what the key benefits are.

The films were designed to encourage uptake from lecturers, course leaders and libraries. So it was imperative that each film would speak to everyone, not just the students who use the resources.

Strategic narrative framework

Macmillan’s interactive resources provide solutions to learning challenges and help students to get the most out of their degree.

We built the narrative framework around this idea, establishing the overarching theme of Macmillan’s eLearning solutions as ‘The answer to enhanced learning’.

Still of video animation showing laptop screen word, Let's get started

Providing solutions to real-world challenges

Each film addresses relatable problems identified by insight, and explains how Macmillan’s eLearning resources are the solution.

This ultimately leads to the lasting results on a student’s understanding, grades and future prospects.

Macmillan video animation still saying, And all on any device

Straight to the point

Complete clarity in message was key for communicating detailed information to a global audience.

From the overarching benefits to the step-by-step interface walkthroughs, all messaging is conveyed visually, to maintain a rapid pace not possible with a voice-over, and to do so in an easily adaptable, cost-effective manner.


Fit for the future

As independent online learning grows, so too does Macmillan’s portfolio of digital study resources. Our flexible framework allows for a seamless roll-out of new films as and when required. Each one sympathetic to the product’s identity, yet unmistakably ‘Macmillan’.

The films are playing a huge role in engaging and informing audiences about the benefits of these resources, with the films taking pride of place on each product microsite.


Thank you for all your work. The videos have been excellent.

Sales and Marketing Director, Macmillan International Higher Education