UGI International - ‘IMS’ Initiative – Internal Communications – Launch Campaign – Animation

Engaging and unifying a global energy brand around a single health and safety initiative.

UGI IMS Initiative Branding Launch Campaign—Animation being viewed on an iPad

The Industrial Management System, or IMS, is an internal HSSE initiative set up by the global energy brand, UGI International. It’s a framework that’s been rolled out across all businesses within the pan-European Group. The sole aim is to improve the wellbeing of staff and customers while maintaining consistent high standards and best practice across all of their operations.

Collaborating for success

Understanding their complex operational issues was critical to delivering this important initiative. Working closely with the IMS launch team, we got first-hand insight into the challenges they faced. As well as working seamlessly across multiple languages, the brand and comms also needed to be easily accessible to those implementing it daily.

A seamless and simple approach

The simple semicircle taken from the Group brand became the foundation of the whole IMS identity and all of the diverse elements within it. This solution demonstrated that these essential changes were unique to UGI and emphasised the importance of IMS in standardising their HSSE practices across the group. It also strengthened the parent brand and made IMS feel instantly familiar in the process.

Three iPads showing campaign assets

A picture says a thousand words

Using a bold illustrative style enabled us to clearly communicate a diverse range of subjects consistently. It also meant that this approach could be easily adapted to work across all comms and territories too.

IMS Internal Engagement Campaign leaflet mockup

A streamlined communication strategy

For launch, we created an engaging, short animated film that outlined the core facts and established the key purpose of the initiative. This generated a real buzz at launch and paved the way for the senior management teams to follow on with a suite of tools and communications that we developed. They used these to fully educate their teams about what the IMS initiative meant for the business globally, locally and to them personally.

IMS Internal Engagement campaign posters of 5 Golden Rules

I don’t want to miss the opportunity to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your excellent support and contribution to this initiative.

UGI International’s Director of Industrial Management