Metropolitan – Shared Ownership – Animation

Making shared ownership appealing and accessible for potential home buyers.


Shared ownership is misunderstood by many, so Metropolitan turned to us to help educate and dispel preconceived ideas associated with this type of home ownership. We simplified a complex subject and created a short, upbeat animation to clearly illustrate all the benefits of this clever way of getting onto the property ladder.

Understanding the target market’s key issues

Shared ownership gives first-time buyers, renters and people with a combined income lower than £80,000 the opportunity to own their own home. Research indicated that some people thought they would never actually own the property when buying through shared ownership and so didn’t view it as a credible way to buy.

Putting the information at their fingertips

More and more of us use our mobile devices to watch digital video. This medium gives us increased scope for creativity, allowing brand awareness and engagement with consumers to be driven through sight, sound, and motion. The perfect medium for targeting this audience and telling Metropolitan’s story.

The way Michon turned around this highly creative and innovative video project for Metropolitan has been extremely impressive.

Senior Marketing Executive, Metropolitan

Taking the customer on a journey

We created a quirky animated family, who the user follows from the start of their shared ownership journey, right through to them taking ownership of their own home. This fresh, simple and light-hearted animation did not overwhelm the viewer with too much information, but made this complex subject easy for the target market to digest.

Creating awareness and driving traffic

The animation remains a valuable sales tool in helping Metropolitan explain the benefits of shared ownership and it continues to raise awareness and drive traffic to their website.

Michon displayed an excellent understanding of the brief and have supplied us with a high-quality product we are deeply proud of.

Senior Marketing Executive, Metropolitan