Peak Wellbeing - Renaming, Rebranding and repositioning

Renaming and rebranding a physiotherapy clinic to position them as a total health and wellbeing solutions provider.

Rebrand - Peak Wellbeing - 3 men in wetsuits run through surf

The Vale Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Clinic, wanted to shift their focus to better help people – enabling them to reach their targets, goals and ambitions. This wasn’t simply about ‘repair’. This new approach was about them becoming a ‘total wellbeing solution provider’. It incorporated strength and conditioning, nutrition, bio-mechanics, osteopathy, podiatry, consultative therapy and physiotherapy.

Rebrand - Peak Wellbeing - A pair of monotone posters in the Peak Blue. Ldy doing push-ups and lady balancing along a mountain ridge

Repositioning the brand

To achieve their business objectives, we had to create a whole new brand and proposition to help them grow the business beyond its current offering and set them up to offer ‘total health’. We immersed ourselves in their business and developed a new brand that is modern and progressive with a patient-centric philosophy – ‘Peak Wellbeing’ was born.

We repositioned the clinic as unique, attractive and a trusted professional partner, helping customers of all ages to feel empowered, reinvigorated and inspired. We developed everything; the values, personality, the new name and the core brand proposition ‘Reach your peak health’.

This approach has enabled them to target a wider audience, not just people trying to manage or correct injuries but sports enthusiasts and sports professionals and athletes wanting to work towards key fitness goals.


Bringing the brand to life

The name Peak Wellbeing positively reflects helping clients achieve their peak condition. The mountain peak directly represents this, whilst also suggesting strength, achievement and attaining goals.

The brand’s visual identity is inspiring, confident and modern, using lifestyle imagery to reflect client wellbeing.

Using a bright, contemporary colour palette and bold typography, we designed the brand to be flexible to work across all applications and to have stand-out at every customer touchpoint.

Rebrand - Peak Wellbeing - Tote Bag Mockup

Michon asked some really important questions that helped us think about our core values and our business model.

Peak Wellbeing Partner
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