8,000kW of clean energy is generated by our solar panels every year

Design powered by the sun

Our offices don’t just look clean and modern, they’re clean under the surface too. A third of all the electricity we use is generated by the solar panels we had installed on our roof. Our desks are made from recycled materials in a factory powered by wind and all our computers and lighting are super efficient.


25,000kW of energy generated in 3 years, that’s enough to run all the Macs in our studio for a year or make 120,000 cups of tea

Greener by design

Our building is designed to be warm in the winter and cool in the summer. By filling our walls and roof with double the amount of insulation required by building regulations, means our underfloor heating system runs at low temperatures even on the coldest day, making it really efficient and very comfortable. As a business we recycle wherever we can including over 1 tonne of paper every year. We use digital files and technology to cut our carbon emissions and we recommend recycled materials in items we design and produce too. It all goes to show that you can still have style and functionality and be green too.