“Michon never fail to understand the fundamental building blocks of a brand, completely reappraise them and breathe new life into them. Michon always go over and above the brief. Excellent.”

Information compiled on unbiased performance data by RAR 2014



Commercial first

Your commercial success is a must for us. We understand the challenges that face every brand. Budgets are finite. Results are paramount. And the ability to cut through the noise has never been so important. With our clients’ objectives front of mind, we challenge convention and we push the boundaries of what’s possible within the budget. And it works. We get great results for our clients time and time again. It’s just one of the reasons they choose us and a key reason why they stay with us.

Creative always

Whatever we’re doing, wherever it’s appearing, we always look to add a creative edge to really enhance the brand experience. Every touchpoint on every platform has to be consistent, engaging and has to tell the same story. We use our extensive marketing, creative and design talents to ensure brands do just that. It’s never about changing the brand to suit the media, it’s about how we use the brand assets, stories and creative idea to maximise opportunities both offline and online.



Building brands

What’s the big idea? It’s the one undeniable truth that sits at the core of all good brands. Really understanding the nuances of a business and its customers is fundamental to creating it. And once you’ve got it, it needs to be the essence of everything. Your values, personality, promise, behaviour and ultimately how you look and sound. Taking the time to really know your business and your goals is at the heart of everything we do. Enhancing businesses and creating memorable brand experiences at every touchpoint is what we’re all about.


With customer interaction and habits changing, an online strategy is a must for every brand. With only milliseconds to play with, a brand needs to capture the imagination of its audience and hold their attention. It needs to be proactive. It needs to be responsive in real time. It needs a website that lives up to the billing of its social media activity and creates experiences that enhance and complement its offline persona.



Responsive setup

Briefs change. The goalposts move. But we’ve been doing this long enough to know that these things are just a fact of life. Our workflow processes and internal communication allow us to adapt to changes and requests quickly. But we never cut corners. We pride ourselves on our exacting processes which ensure that the quality and accuracy of the project is delivered. On time and on budget.

Working together

Delivering striking creative across multiple channels for a multitude of brands requires real teamwork and sometimes very specialist skills. Over the years, we’ve built strong partnerships and collaborated with like-minded photographers, researchers, manufacturers and printers to deliver projects seamlessly and efficiently. Putting together a team of people that we trust, enables us to get the best out of every project we take on.

Interested in working with us?

You can contact us using the details below or request a PDF of our credentials, tell us what area of business you’re in and what kind of materials you’d like to see more of and we’ll put together a tailored portfolio for you.