Our client, Metropolitan, is one of the largest social housing organisations in the UK.

The shared ownership market offers first-time buyers, renters, and people whose combined household income is lower than £80,000, the opportunity to own their own home and save on rental costs too.

Our client, Metropolitan, is one of the largest social housing organisations in the UK. We created an upbeat and positive concept to clearly communicate their shared ownership offer. This way of owning a brand new home is somewhat misunderstood by many, so our client wanted to educate and dispel preconceived ideas associated with shared ownership in general. The film was also intended to target those potential customers who might not realise they could actually own their own home with the help of this great scheme.



We used humour to create a unique, quirky short animated film to deliver incredibly dry subject matter in an attention-grabbing, colourful and fun way.

Understanding the target market’s key issues around home ownership and core benefits of the scheme, we developed the script and storyboard showing a family on their shared ownership journey from the very beginning, right through to owning their very own home.



We animated individual ‘mannerisms’ for each of the characters to really bring them to life and add personality. We then paired this with a jaunty, understated whistling soundtrack and a reassuring, conversational voiceover to reflect the easy nature of the shared ownership process.

The result is an informative, simple and light-hearted animation, that’s relatable and approachable for the target market, and doesn’t drown them in information.

“The speed in which Michon have turned around a highly creative and innovative video project for Metropolitan has been extremely impressive. They displayed an excellent understanding of the brief and have supplied us with a high-quality product we are deeply proud of to have associated with the Metropolitan brand.”