AFC Energy – Brand development and rebrand

A dynamic shift for the AFC Energy brand to launch their unique clean, hydrogen fuel cell solutions to market

Zero emission power for a new world

We’ve transitioned the AFC Energy brand from an investor focused hydrogen technology developer, to a customer focused hydrogen solutions provider. On analysis of the competitor landscape and internal research we created a clear picture of where AFC Energy currently were and established where it wanted to move to. The newly developed brand foundations then formed the basis of a dynamic and confident personality with a look and feel to match their exciting ambitions. Their disruptive fuel cell technology now has a brand to match this game changing offering.

AFC Energy - Offical partner to Extreme E

Market leading credentials

AFC Energy were an established name within the sector and listed on the AIMs market. They had already successfully trialled their technology on the world’s toughest stage – motor sport. As the hydrogen fuel cell partner for Extreme-E, they have proven their hydrogen powered generators work wherever and whenever you need clean energy. All they needed now was a brand to match their market leading credentials.

Our purpose - To improve our world with affordable, flexible, clean energy

Multi-layered and flexible

To build on the brand equity already established with investors and partners, and to aid their aspirations for growth, the logo was retained but simplified. Then a whole new look and feel was developed and built around it. Just like their offering, the new brand is now multi-faceted with many layers and it’s clean, flexible, technical and premium.

Zero CO2 - S Series fuel cell generator
AFC Energy - Charge ahead
Zero - Off grid energy now with zero emissions

Bold, honest, expert, dynamic and fresh

Their personality traits can be seen throughout the new brand, from their refreshingly clear and optimistic tone of voice, through to bold, dynamic imagery featuring dramatic backgrounds out of which abstract arcs of electricity are formed. These abstract assets enable the brand to creatively make the invisible, visible.

Fuel Cell - Hydrogen one end. Clean energy and pure water the other

An effective, future-proofed solution

We developed a style and approach that can be applied to stock as well as bespoke photography ensuring all their imagery feels ownable and unique.

The new brand also has the built-in flexibility to enable AFC Energy to continue developing its offering and brand to suit whichever market or sector that wants to adopt their clean, hydrogen fuel cell technology.

AFC Energy brand guidelines spread
Zero emission power for a new world
Pile of AFC Energy business cards

The brand now perfectly positions us with our target audiences and gives us the flexible platform we need to take the business to the next level.

AFC Energy - Head of Brand and Marketing
Hydrogen will account for 20% of the decarbonisation required to reach net zero