AvantiGas – B2C Customer Journey Refinement

Simplifying and unifying the customer journey for homeowners interested in switching to AvantiGas.

An AvantiGas tanker on a road in a small rural village

AvantiGas has strengthened its position as one of the leading LPG suppliers by revolutionising the switching process for prospective domestic customers. We’ve helped them redesign their entire customer switching journey – from selecting the best methods of communication, to crafting the right messages for every touchpoint, we brought everything together into one seamless experience.

The simpler, the better

Feedback and data showed that many potential customers weren’t being converted into solid leads because they were losing interest somewhere along the journey. Inconsistent branding and messaging made switching seem complicated, when in reality it was the opposite.

To fix this problem, we devised a simple, recognisable identity that unified the whole customer journey. This new approach clearly and quickly guides customers through the whole process.

AvantiGas website shown on an iPad

Consistent and holistic communications

We crafted a future-proof communications plan and structure for all switching messaging.

From website content to personalised email communications, everything supports the seamless four-step transaction process, whilst continually promoting the core benefits of being with AvantiGas.

AvantiGas TrustPilot reviews viewed on a mobile phone
Graphic that reads, One Simpe Switch to energy your way

Broadening the scope for maximum exposure

We refreshed all existing templates and key communications that made up the entire customer journey. It’s all designed to make life easier for AvantiGas themselves, as well as for the customers.

We’ve also introduced a suite of new marketing materials, including animated Google Ads, and engagement through relevant social channels and TrustPilot. The ‘One Simple Switch’ theme and its visual cues pervade everything, whatever the medium.

AvantiGas employee speaking to customer on house doorstep

It’s been so well received by the sales and customer experience teams. I just wanted to share how pleased we are with the full campaign, it’s really working well for us!

Regional B2C Marketing & Product Manager - AvantiGas

The campaign has been a great success so far. Our customers and internal teams have benefited from the improved customer journey. From start to finish the campaign has helped customers to switch easily to AvantiGas! It’s also encouraged us to look at other customer journeys within our business and identify where improvements can be made.