Buildr - Brand Creation and Guidelines

Creating a confident brand to promote a better way for builders to order, track and pay for their concrete.

Buildr—Brand creation and guidelines—Buildr app shown on smartphone in the cockpit of a workers van

With the objective of disrupting the concrete market, we created the ‘Buildr’ identity for the launch of a new direct to market proposition for the small to medium builder. Using customer insight, we developed the full brand identity and brand guidelines for this user friendly online service and app that enables builders to get concrete when and where they need it.

Building a brand for builders

Insight demonstrated that small to medium builders just wanted transparent transactions, being confident that the concrete would arrive on time, without any hiccups. So we created the brand to be confident, simple and clear from the outset. From the name ‘Buildr’ to the core proposition of ‘Concrete on demand’, the brand directly identifies itself with the target market and its needs.

Buildr Brand identity—Buildr app on and iPad
Buildr Branding and guidlines—Buildr logo on the side of a cement mixer

Big, bold and robust

The strong visual language of the brand clearly communicates its brand promise. It’s simple and honest, no fuss and straightforward. It represents a value driven service that’s reliable and efficient.

Digital first approach

As interaction with the brand was primarily online or through the app, we made the brand clear and accessible for all. Using a strong, contrasting colour palette and a bold legible font, we designed every element of the brand to have stand-out at each of the customer touchpoints.

Brand Gardians—Builder brand guidelines
Brand assets—Buildr flyer visual for app
Brand Creation—Buildr branding and app visual on back of van
Brand assets—Buildr brand merchandise

A national brand in the making

Initially launched as a trial in Reading, the ambition is to offer this service to all small to medium builders up and down the length of Britain.