Everbuild - Brand Research – Brand Proposition – Brand Development

The evolution of a building materials brand to align with the wider business vision and ambition.

Warehouse worker moving pallet on forklift.

Everbuild has been an established brand in the building and DIY trade for over 25 years and became a Sika-owned company in 2013. In that time the brand hadn’t really evolved, and was in need of some careful development and modernising to strengthen it and its abundance of well known and well loved products.

Forklift truck in warehouse

Insight-driven brand development

Customers and stockists often viewed Everbuild as a budget brand when compared to its competitors. There was also the common preconception that Everbuild was a ‘Jack of all trades, master of none’.

Building on existing customer research, and running an immersive, internal brand workshop, we further analysed the brand to create a clear way forward. The results gave us the validation and insight we needed to plot the strategic brand vision, measurable attributes, benefits, reasons to believe, positioning and overarching brand promise as well as clearly defining the roles and visual treatment of Everbuild and the parent brand Sika.

Creating brand clarity

The revised strong identity establishes Everbuild as ‘The Builders’ Brand’ in the eyes of end users, retailers and suppliers as well as the people of Everbuild themselves. Now the refreshed brand is bolstered by its parentage rather than being diluted by it. And crucially presents the brand as a trusted performance brand that’s innovative and easy to use.

Bringing it all together

The resulting brand guidelines establish the core foundations of the brand, its vision, its values and its personality. They also demonstrate how to create everything from iconography, photography and CGIs to delivering the right tone of voice for the right audience. They are an essential tool in helping everyone involved with Everbuild in bringing the brand to life both visually and verbally. They help to ensure the brand is now implemented clearly, consistently and seamlessly across all products and communications.

The brand now clearly communicates reliability and trust, backed by expertise and high performance, further galvanising an already proud workforce.