KES – Brand Development and Brand Communications

Creating a brand for KES to effectively raise awareness and help more children out of poverty.

Kenyan child in white t-shirt standing outside a rural building

This brilliant volunteer run charity, Kenyan Educational Support (KES), has big ambitions and incredible passion to help children in Kenya get out of poverty through education. Our simple, fresh approach to their rebrand has paid dividends from day one.

Kenyan Educational Support

High impact, low cost

We wanted to support this charity by donating our skills and knowledge to create an eye-catching brand for them. With all money going directly to supporting the children in Kenya, we created a brand with a visual style that’s flexible and cost-effective to implement.

KES Brand Creation - Brand Guidelines Front Cover

Simple and effective

At the core of the identity we created a simple arrow. This one device, used in a variety of ways, creates real standout for the charity. It can draw attention to projects, individual students or the successes and needs of the charity. It also nicely illustrates the essence of the KES story; providing an education to these bright, talented, but terribly poor children creates a forward momentum in their lives, which couldn’t be achieved without the support allowing them to go to school.

KES Brand Creation - Brand Guidelines - page 3
KES Brand Creation - In store collection showing branded pull-up banners and collection tins


of additional funds were raised following the launch of the new brand.

KES Brand Creation - two colour variants (green and brown) pull-up banners

A success story in every way

Launching this new brand style has helped reflect KES’s grand ambitions and acted as a catalyst to re-invigorate KES trustees and supporters. Within the first 12 months of launching the new identity and fundraising materials, an additional £10K in funding was raised. This is enough to provide boarding, materials and education for 22 primary school children for a whole year.

A very big thank you to Michon for all the wonderful, professional work the team has done for us, free of charge. We’re only a small charity, but we’re already feeling bigger and better with our new image.

Chair of KES Trustees
KES Brand Creation - flyer mockup