Mabey Hire – Brand refresh and brand launch communications

Simplifying and future-proofing a heritage brand as it drives forward in the construction industry.

Mabey Hire is one of the UK’s leading temporary works specialists, with over 60 years of engineering and service excellence, across civil engineering, building and utilities. It was our job to simplify and modernise their brand to help it stand out, whilst managing stakeholders who were attached to the previous brand’s look and feel.

Evolution not revolution

With the previous logo having a long history in the business and the family owners closely identifying with it, we worked collaboratively with the Mabey Hire marketing team to make a real business case for change. We all agreed the old logo was becoming dated, but was still easily recognisable within the industry. We proposed to maintain the brand heritage by keeping identifiable visual cues, while making it more streamlined, modern and efficient in its communication.


Trusted solutions

What makes Mabey Hire unique is that they offer complete end-to-end temporary works solutions.

We developed the new strapline ‘Temporary works. Trusted solutions’, to emphasise the key strength of Mabey Hire’s business – using their knowledge and experience to find the most effective results for their clients.

Mabey Hire brand guideline open on the logo detail page.

Michon’s work has been instrumental in delivering our plans to reposition and drive the brand.

Marketing Director - Mabey Hire
Front cover and double page spread of the Mabey brand guidelines showing the brand colours

Simplification is key

Along with the logo redevelopment, we revamped the brand guidelines, whilst retaining elements including typefaces and tone of voice.

We made subtle changes, reducing and tweaking the colour palette, designing a new set of icons and creating new user-friendly assets and templates that could be managed internally.

Mabey Hire linkedIn story shown on an iPhone

Immersing ourselves

From insight gathered on their business and operations, we delivered a campaign with clear and effective messaging, which covered the broad sectors and diverse aspects of what Mabey Hire does.

The team at Michon have been fantastic and have immersed themselves in our brand from day one. They delivered everything within budget and timescale with flawless execution.

Marketing Director - Mabey Hire
Side of a van branded with Mabey Hire graphics

Launching the brand

During our initial meetings with the marketing team, it became clear that what sets Mabey Hire apart is their ability to offer the broadest range of solutions, and work with their clients from the very early construction phase plan stages.

We developed a brand awareness campaign using the slogan ‘With you from the word go’ using headlines such as ‘go over’, ‘go under’ and ‘go above’ to highlight their speciality in temporary bridging, groundworks and their partnerships with clients.

Mabey Hire now have a strong, modern brand that sets them apart from their competitors and can help them deliver against their ambitions.

Mabey Hire full page advert shown in trade magazine