NET - Freshers’ Campaign

Delivering over and above the client’s targets with an eye‑catching integrated campaign for students.

Nottingham Express Transit (NET) runs the tram network covering Nottingham, Hucknall and Clifton. We developed a bold integrated campaign aimed at students, to build awareness of NET’s extensive tram system and its key benefits, and their free ticketing app NetGo! which provides an easy way to purchase tickets and keep up to date with the tram service.

With the student market generating a significant portion of NET’s revenue, they wanted to drive more interest and downloads of the NetGo! app within this target audience. As one of the biggest events in the student calendar, the freshers’ fairs were used as a focal point to drive sales of the annual student travel ticket.

increase in sales from previous year,surpassing NET’s ambitious targets

A typographical approach

We created a friendly and typographical integrated campaign that centres around the message ‘Get going with NetGo!’, which was deployed at key sites and tram stops leading up to freshers’ week. This eye-catching campaign put the benefits of using the tram service and what Nottingham has to offer, front and centre. We developed a messaging deck that focused on student discounts, safety and awareness, as well as showcasing Nottingham landmarks and points of interest close to relevant tram stops.

Michon were great to work with and the team were all totally invested in making the campaign a success. As a result, they have helped deliver our best performing student campaign to date.

Head of Marketing - NET

Effective engagement

To accompany the pre-event and post-event collateral, for the freshers’ fair itself, we devised a branded smoothie and juice beach bar. The bar travelled between both university sites and handed out free smoothies to students when they signed up to the NetGo! app. We also included an engaging competition which asked students to guess the ingredients of the mysterious smoothie. Students who gave correct answers were entered into a prize draw to win a pair of luxury Apple AirPod headphones.

students standing in front of the NET smoothie pop up stand

We wanted to develop a fresh creative concept that would make a real impact with students and work across all channels. Michon were brilliant from day one. They immediately understood the brief, objectives, and audience, and remained committed to those cornerstones throughout.

Head of Marketing - NET

Direct targeting

With 41% of TikTok users aged between 16 and 24-years, we produced an organic TikTok that targeted the student market directly in a fun and relatable way, and promoted the reliability of the tram network and ease of use of the NetGo! app.

Driving awareness

To combat negative assumptions that the tram is unsafe at night, and that avoiding paying for tickets is possible, we also produced a series of awareness comms to support the campaign. Messaging focused on the consequences of being caught travelling without a valid ticket and the many travel safety features on NET trams, all under the ‘GET’ campaign look and feel.

Exceeding client targets

The impactful comms leading up to the freshers’ fairs and fun engagement tactics on the event stand resulted in a highly successful campaign, with a 68% year on year growth in sales, surpassing NET’s ambitious targets.

increase in sales
at Refreshers’ events compared to previous year.

More success followed

Due to the success of the campaign it was developed further for the Refreshers events that followed. These smaller scale events target returning or later starting students, enabling NET to showcase their offering.

This second leg introduced scratch cards with a broad range of prizes that would appeal to students and drive engagement at the events, giving the team opportunity to start the sales conversation.

Once again the campaign was a huge success, with sales increasing by 200% compared to the previous year.

Elements of the campaign continue to run post-event and generate ongoing interest and sales.