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Developing targeted, highly detailed content for Uniper’s diverse audiences

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Uniper have a complex and diverse portfolio of services, and their target audiences include Directors, Procurement, Plant Managers and Engineers. Their clients are highly discerning, knowledgeable and often very technical. As such, we clearly target and rigorously quality check their content to ensure its relevance and efficacy.

Leading the energy transition

We’ve developed highly targeted content for specific markets that communicates Uniper’s crucial role in the energy transition on a global level.

We focused on creating longer form thought leadership content including white papers, articles, case studies and slide packs to highlight Uniper’s broad experience in leading the renewables energy transition across Europe.

Each piece reinforces Uniper’s expertise in flexible operations, decarbonisation and digitalisation in the energy market. This positioned Uniper as a point of authority, and directly addressed the challenges and solutions applicable to other areas of the world trying to tackle this same problem.

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A hands-on approach

To develop focused and hyper-targeted content, we conducted in-depth interviews with Uniper teams experienced in the topics and language used, and those responsible for delivering the services. We also source data taken directly from the markets we’re addressing, to ensure facts and information we include are specifically relevant to the target audience.

We’ve been really impressed with the support Michon have given us with our content development. Our audiences are niche, and the subject matter is quite complex, but the team get to grips with it all really easily and understand exactly what we need.

Senior Marketing Communications Manager, Uniper

Designing content

How content is presented is just as important as what’s being said. We created flexible templates that can be repeatedly used and adapted for different content. To further increase return on investment, when developing white papers and articles, we also created infographics with a view to them being repurposed across multiple channels, increasing Uniper’s exposure.

Content that gets results

Uniper’s content resonates strongly with their audiences. It works to nurture their contacts as part of their customer journey, encouraging face-to-face meetings at events or on plant. The white papers and case studies we’ve created play a vital role in driving these conversations, and we continue to work with Uniper to develop high quality, targeted comms.

Over 1,000

web user journeys generated from initial email campaign

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