Uniper – LinkedIn B2B Marketing and Email Campaign

Effectively using social media and direct marketing to reach and engage a global B2B audience.

Wind turbines on grassy hills and sunrise

Uniper provide specialist global engineering and asset management expertise for the energy industry. Their diverse and very niche clients range from the power sector to industrial clients world-wide. Our creative approach and LinkedIn B2B marketing strategy achieved vastly improved response rates culminating in sustained sales leads.

From Orlando to the Middle East

Uniper’s audiences are specialist professionals who are on the move and don’t have time to engage with a variety of media platforms. We created a strategy using LinkedIn sponsorship and email, to form a targeted campaign which promoted the core services offered by Uniper within these countries.

Uniper linkedin ad on iPad

367% improvement over average click through rates.

71.94% target page engagement achieved.

Uniper website shown on a desktop computer

Driving action

We refined and adapted content to engage a more executive, decision-making audience. Our approach centres around specific ‘problem vs solution’ messaging, tailored to Uniper’s specific sector and reflecting their niche audience. The resulting messaging drives a response by promoting a direct benefit to the viewer. This content became the basis for the creation of targeted emails, social advertising, branded communications and the website. Using LinkedIn for B2B sales has resulted in a sustained pipeline of sales leads.

Uniper Full Page Magazine Advert

Better targeting through A/B testing

The first phase of our campaign has helped to drive the ongoing strategy and inform targeting. Highly defined audience segmentation provided fertile ground for communications. We used A/B testing to determine the effectiveness of our messages and that of both animated and static content. The results enabled us to improve engagement and lead generation.

Uniper Linked In Social Media Campaign Ad
Uniper LinkedIn Ad