Have you thought about Instagram for your latest ad campaign?

How about a campaign that runs exclusively on Instagram? Like Facebook and Twitter before it, Instagram is the next all-powerful marketing tool that brands can harness for big exposure across wide-reaching targeted markets.


Have you thought about Instagram for your latest ad campaign? | Michon Creative

As I explored in this post, Instagram is currently winning the social media popularity contest, and that growth continues today. Especially given that the photo-sharing app has opened up its doors to paid advertising and sponsored posts over the last couple of years. Meaning that rather than relying on organic growth alone, brands like Adidas, Paypal and Ben & Jerry’s can connect with previously untapped markets.

Since October 2013, when Instagram first introduced adverts to its app, the appetite for paid-for posts has correspondingly increased. First single static images were made available, followed by video ads of up to 15 seconds, introduced in October 2014. Then in April of that same year, carousel ads allowed up to four images to further tell a brand’s story. And in June 2015 Instagram released multiple call to action options like ‘sign up’, ‘learn more’ and ‘shop now’, so companies could tailor each advert accordingly. Each different ad format has been eagerly received as they extend a brand’s capability to reach out to new audiences in flexible and engaging ways.

While advertising was previously only available to big businesses, today companies of all shapes and sizes can capitalise on Instagram’s wide-reaching, contemporary following. And with improved relevant tagging and the integration of Instagram ads into Facebook’s advert Power Editor, it’s an accessible, adaptable and easy-to-manage process.

So just how can a creative agency deliver an effective Instagram ad campaign?

It’s our job here at Michon to capture a brand’s essence effectively. Be that in a brochure, on a website or in one succinct image on Instagram. The right image or video can propel brands and introduce a fresh new following. Working in a visually-driven sector of advertising, we’re so excited to get stuck into the challenge that Instagram ads pose. Marketing teams should not neglect the integration of Instagram ads into their campaigns, as they may just deliver the catapult boost required!

If you’re interested to see how agencies can work with brands to create Instagram-based advertising campaigns, I recommend watching direct from Instagram.