Tips for increasing creativity

At Michon we receive briefs for everything from full brand identities to web apps and we need to be able to produce effective creative across all channels from ad space to digital and experiential. What helps us when we need to get the creative juices flowing? Here are some basic rules:

Tip 1: Do your research

Research and reference are great starting points – if you know where to look. You need to become a sponge, soak up ideas, imagery and inspiration of all kinds from art and literature to live performances or graffiti. Take notice of everyday experiences, people, trends and insights. The more you consume the bigger your reference library will be.

Tip 2: Take note

Sometimes it’s when our creative muscles relax a bit that we see the bigger picture. So don’t force creativity, let it flow. Ideas often come when we take a break to focus on something else, they pop up during the journey home, or whilst walking the dog, so it’s a good idea to keep a notebook or phone handy to capture these glimpses of genius.

Tip 3: Step away from the computer

The Mac is a glorious thing, but it’s just a bunch of ‘1’s’ and ‘0’s. Binary really can’t do your thinking for you. Good ideas come from the grey matter between our ears. Other people’s opinions and perspectives are invaluable, often, this is where a team is stronger than each of its parts, so by talking to one another, sharing our ideas and thoughts, we can develop exciting creative solutions that are both fresh and arresting.

Tip 4: Be brave

We believe that the more experiences you have and the more you learn, the more ideas you’ll have. Always be brave, even rejected or off-the-wall ideas can lead to a spark of genius. Entrepreneur Rob Law from Clifton, Bristol, who invented the Trunki was famously rejected by Dragons Den and went on to sell millions of Trunki’s. James Dyson spent 15 years perfecting his product before taking the DCO1 to market – just look where they are today.

At Michon, we’re creatives by nature and want to create….

Our team is as different as the ideas conjured up, and we all enjoy being creative outside of work too. If you check out our ‘hello stories’ you’ll get a glimpse of what we get up to in our spare time and what a talented mix of writers, artists, musicians, knitters and collectors we are.

Visit our Meet The Team page and get to know us.

Still stuck for inspiration?

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