Hanson – Diversity and inclusion recruitment campaign

Challenging the pre-conceptions of the construction industry with an engaging and authentic recruitment campaign.

3 Hanson employees laughing and wearing hard hats

Through various initiatives, Hanson are demonstrating their commitment to creating a more diverse and inclusive workforce. To challenge pre-conceptions in the construction industry, we developed a recruitment campaign with a difference featuring real Hanson employees at its heart, to showcase the true breadth of individuality, opportunities, skill sets and career paths available.

We did something totally different to the usual recruitment campaigns that are synonymous within Hanson’s sector. The campaign focuses on real stories of diversity, representation and inclusion and celebrates their employees.

Placing their people front and centre of the campaign conveys authenticity, with strong, individual accounts of a welcoming business where you can simply be yourself. The campaign shows how building a diverse workforce of different skills, backgrounds and characters actively helps Hanson to be stronger and more successful for everyone.

Head and shoulders phto of Hanson Employee Arti wearing a hard hat with a photo of flames on it
Head and shoulders phto of Hanson Employee Jenna wearing a hard hat with a rainbow geometric pattern on it
Head and shoulders phto of Hanson Employee Ryan wearing a hard hat with a photo of water drops on it
Head and shoulders phto of Hanson Employee Felicity wearing a hanson hard hat

Who’s under the hard hat?

Using the iconic symbol of the hard hat, we made each one unique to the people that wore them, visually representing the individuality that is embraced at Hanson. The campaign features Hanson employees from across the business, from graduates to IT directors to quarry managers, each with an important story to tell about their careers at Hanson.

We interviewed each person, which gave unique, personal insight into Hanson’s commitment to inclusion and diversity.

crew workign behined the scenes while filming the hanson diversity films
Behind the scenes photo of Hanson employee, Miriam, being filmed for Hanson Diversity films
Hanson employee, Becky, in her wheel chair
Photo frame hung on a wall with a Hanson diversity poster in.
Hanson employee, Miriam, who is wearing a high viz jacket and hanson hard hat, standign next to Arti.

The visual execution is fresh and unlike anything we’ve done before and I could also see how well the concept would work externally and internally.

Marketing Manager - Hanson UK

More than just a campaign.

From the beginning this was not a traditional campaign. It sets a starting point with Hanson’s new inclusion policy and integrates seamlessly into already established Hanson diversity and inclusion initiatives such, as the LGBT+ Network and WISE (Women in Science and Engineering).

As part of the internal arm of the campaign, ‘Inclusion Champions’ were recruited, trained and given one of our tool kits so they could be the first point of contact regarding diversity and inclusion information.

A hanson diversity pack and letter
A white hard hat with the word: 'Be your best you' on it.
A smart phont showing the Hanson UK Linkedin new feed with a diversity story

We began the campaign with a series of teaser comms to start the conversation, followed by a main campaign film and supporting communications across various touch points on and offline.

This was just the start of the journey. We devised a year-long campaign plan, featuring talking head interviews and worked closely with Hanson to develop the UX and design of their careers website, providing comprehensive support to Hanson’s ongoing strategy.

It’s one of the most comprehensive campaigns we’ve done to date – the content is very authentic and truly supports and reflects the direction of our business.

Marketing Manager - Hanson UK