Hanson – Journey to Net Zero Carbon Campaign

Bringing Hanson UK’s sustainability story to life, as it leads the construction industry on the road to decarbonisation.

Committed to reaching Net Zero Carbon by 2050

The construction industry is considered by some to be one of the world’s biggest carbon-emitters. As a leading industry figure in the UK, Hanson has long been at the forefront of innovating and introducing low-carbon products and processes and is firmly committed to net zero carbon by 2050. We’ve helped Hanson to communicate the many positive sustainable innovations and services they are implementing, which are in turn helping customers to reduce their own carbon emissions.

Net Zero webpage shown on an iPad

Talking sustainability

We created an overarching ‘carbon journey’ campaign to communicate Hanson’s impressive carbon reducing capabilities.

From transforming many of its operations with the use of alternative kiln fuel including hydrogen, to low-carbon products and carbon capture and storage, this campaign demonstrates how Hanson is leading the way in meeting the challenge of climate change today.

Visualising innovation

The campaign reflects the dynamic energy that pushes Hanson’s sustainable practices forward, whilst maintaining consistent brand cues that make the campaign unmistakably Hanson.

Facts and figures are conveyed in a simple, flexible and engaging way, with striking imagery reinforcing major success stories.

Net Zero overview plan presentation shown on a laptop screen
Net Zero aggregates plan presentation shown on a laptop screen
Net Zero concrete plan presentation shown on a laptop screen

A campaign fit for the long-haul

The carbon journey campaign has been adapted across a wide range of media, from social channels to formal presentations.

Initially it was launched to coincide with the UN’s COP26 Climate Change Conference and will continue to underpin all sustainability and decarbonisation communications going forward, as Hanson moves ever-closer to achieving net zero carbon emissions by 2050.

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Helping the wider industry to decarbonise

We also helped Hanson launch a series of interactive webinars to engage and educate the construction sector on sustainable best practice and the latest low-carbon innovations.

We devised a programme theme that complements the overarching carbon journey, and helped to coordinate the live events – including the creation of an array of messaging and all visual content.

To find out more about Hanson’s carbon journey, visit hanson.co.uk

Sustainability best practice statement shown on a phone

The materials produced by Michon have played an essential part in ensuring a broad spectrum of stakeholders clearly understand our targets.

Marketing Manager - Hanson UK
Hanson Net Zero sustainability Q and A panel sitting on stage ready for questions

We’ve achieved high levels of engagement and we now have a solid foundation to build on that further.

Marketing Manager - Hanson UK