SIKA - Waterproofing Division – Integrated Campaigns and Experiential

We’ve built an effective campaign strategy for Sika’s market-leading waterproofing solutions.

Sika’s primary goal was to raise awareness of its innovative structural waterproofing products amongst experts within the construction industry. And our creative approach has helped to escalate this very quickly. Sika have seen a dramatic increase in brand awareness within this sector across the UK, putting them firmly in the number one spot for waterproofing.

Sika’s waterproofing credentials have reached well over 33,000 of the UK’s construction industry experts since the start of the campaign.

Analysing Sika’s strengths

We focused our creative strategy on the benefits and the flexibility of Sika’s products. We helped to clearly demonstrate their unique ability to combine a number of their systems to deliver bespoke solutions that keep water in as well as out. We also backed this up with compelling evidence using impressive success stories and case studies to enhance their reputation for quality and performance.

Making the invisible, visible

We brought the whole range to life across a broad array of media using a mixture of innovative creative and clever imagery that visualises what is generally a completely invisible product once installed. The crux of the campaign has always been ‘Putting water in its place’, and it’s the common thread that runs through everything, from launch and integrated advertising campaigns to product samples and promotional giveaways.

An effective online presence

We’ve designed and built a dedicated waterproofing website which has been hugely successful in driving sales and building strength in the Sika brand and its products. We continually update content and build in additional functionality to ensure architects, specifiers and contractors have all the information they need at their fingertips.

Standing out from the crowd

We created a striking ‘concrete box’ stand for the Evolving Concrete exhibition. Coated in Sika’s own product, it featured video content, bespoke waterproofing giveaways and even a living concrete sculpture to attract the crowds. It cleverly illustrated that ‘it’s what’s inside that counts’ and showcased Sika’s vast array of waterproofing additives for all kinds of structures above and below ground level.

There’s no question that the work Michon has done for us has been instrumental in helping Sika achieve our No.1 status in the waterproofing market.

Senior Marketing Manager, Concrete & Waterproofing Division