E.ON – Office Interior Branding and Design

Creating dynamic, agile workspaces for E.ON to deliver their market leading brand experience.

E.on branded interior, a relaxed and stylish meeting and breakout area

From bathrooms to boardrooms, we’ve developed a flexible branding approach that considers the spaces within E.ON buildings and their people’s day-to-day working, relaxing and personal needs. The new office interior branding helps to promote their core values, vision and culture, engendering pride in E.ON. This in turn has increased motivation and efficiency, whilst significantly boosting employee wellbeing.

E.on Interiors, branded environment. Glass meeting room with engraved glass wall

Wow, so proud looks amazing. Looks fantastic great job.

E.ON – Head of Sales Operations & Transformation
E.on Interiors, branded environment.closeup of wooden stool legs and brand colours carpet
E.on Office Interior branding, branded environment. branded reception area with polycryl wall graphics, carpet in brand colours and stylish furniture.

Maximising business potential

Creating spaces that inspire and communicate the brands market-leading credentials was at the heart of our approach. Transforming the way the business operates and how people interact day-to-day, enabling them to be more agile and flexible in their approach, is critical to E.ON’s business strategy and key performance targets for the future.

A flexible and scalable solution

The key focus was to create an agile workspace that reinforces the personalised approach that E.ON is looking to be known for. Using insight from each site, our bespoke approach was functional and flexible for its various teams and created individuality while maintaining strong brand synergy across all spaces.

E.on Interiors, branded environment. Stylish, relaxed meeting area with furniture in brand colours and floor to ceiling polycryl wall graphic
E.on Interiors, branded environment. Brand expert choosing fabric colour swatches - closeup of hands

Well done everyone. This really lives up to the Brand now.

E.ON – Brand Manager
E.on Interiors, branded environment. Informat meeting area with floor to ceiling polycryl wall graphic and furniture in brand colours.
E.on Interiors, branded environment. Abstract '2' on glass door
E.on Interiors, branded environment. Floor to ceiling, polycryl, wall graphic. Tomorrow is . on

It works to be agile

The new agile spaces have met with positivity and acclaim from people across the business. E.ON colleagues relish working in these new tailored areas that give a mix of privacy versus collaborative creative areas and have been hugely successful over their more conventional work space counterparts. Colleagues have even been proudly posting pictures of their cool new offices across social media.

E.on Interiors, branded environment. View through a hole in an abstract, 3D, triangle pattern partition wall
E.on Interiors, branded environment. Informal meeting area with brand colour chairs and coffee table
E.on Interiors, branded environment. Stairwell floor to ceiling fabragrab
E.on branded meeting room with blue abstract wall art
E.on Interiors, branded environment. Closeup of stylish, brand coloured stools
E.on Interiors, branded environment. Meeting room with textured, abstract wall.
E.on Interiors, branded environment. Hallway and meeting room entrance with branded door.
E.on Interiors, branded environment. Meeting room with floor to ceiling polycryl wall art.