E.ON – Omnichannel – Employee Engagement Campaign

An internal campaign to engage employees and promote E.ON’s strategic transformational changes.

E.on Internal Engagement Campaign — Omichannel — Yogi in lotus pose wearing white suit on whiteout background

E.ON introduced new systems and processes to deliver a seamless, omnichannel customer experience. This huge investment, shift in structure and operations needed communicating in a way that brought the benefits to both the employee and customer to life. We proposed a multi-layered approach using five short quirky films to tease employees to find out more.

E.on Internal Engagement Campaign — Omichannel. A better experience for you and our customers.

Making transformation appealing

‘A better experience for you and our customers’ became the central theme for this multi-faceted transformation programme. We also created a hipster style character as our all knowing ‘Omnichannel Master’ to communicate the individual benefits. This relatable figure was developed for the target audience as a way of making the changes palatable and to encourage the employees to embrace these new ways of working with confidence.

Employee engagement

To maximise employee engagement even further, we used humour and E.ON people throughout all the films. The only non E.ON people were the ‘Omnichannel Master’ and our stunt double who impersonated E.ON’s Head of Operations, and flick-flacked across the office. Shot on site over five days, the films and campaign assets were then used at conferences and across all sites including E.ON’s intranet.


E.on Internal Engagement Campaign — Omichannel — Man in suite does handstand in the office.
E.on Internal Engagement Campaign — Omichannel — Actor and stuntdouble standing side by side

Omnichannel — Skills Matrix teaser film

E.on Internal Engagement Campaign

The success of this important business change relied heavily on employee engagement.

At one with Omnichannel

We highlighted various points; from how employees’ lives will be less stressful, to how new skills can be learnt and new career opportunities made available. Each short film ended with the ‘Omnichannel Master’ in a meditative pose illustrating a key benefit and the central theme of the transformation programme. This created a humorous and memorable ending for each film and helped to unite everyone behind delivering it.

E.on Internal Engagement Campaign — Bearded man in white suit meditating and holding glowing rod
E.on Internal Engagement Campaign — Bearded man in tracksuit and headband
E.on Internal Engagement Campaign — group dressed in white meditating in circle
E.on Internal Engagement Campaign — Bearded man with baked potato on fork
E.on Internal Engagement Campaign — camera monitor with blurred background of actors exercising
E.on Internal Engagement Campaign — Bearded man having makeup done
E.on Internal Engagement Campaign
E.on Internal Engagement Campaign —

Thanks to all of you for your hard work on these, absolutely love them!

E.ON – Residential Transformation Planning Manager