Perfect your internal communications strategy

Employee internal communication

It goes without saying, that if you have a robust internal comms strategy in place, you’ll reap the benefits ten-fold. Communicating well with your employees helps with satisfaction, motivation and retention. But with so many avenues available to reach your internal audience, which do you pick?

We’ve rounded up just some of the effective internal communications tactics that you can implement right away to engage and inspire your team.


Don’t discount it – it’s a useful tool in your arsenal. Many dismiss it as instantly deletable, but if done well, emails won’t get ignored. Carry your brand and tone of voice through your internal communications, just as you would when communicating externally – treat your employees with the same reverence as you do your customers.


Employees who feel their voice is heard are 4.6 times more likely to feel empowered to perform their best work. And one of the best ways to help with this is through digitalisation. Creating a dedicated app for your internal audience may seem like quite an investment of time and budget. But companies that go down this route find higher levels of internal engagement through the use of interactive mobile apps. It’s highly measurable too. Just a few of the ways you can use apps to engage your internal audience are:

  • Post regular updates quickly and directly.
  • Gamify rewards and employee perks.
  • Encourage cross-team discussion.
  • Post policy updates and best practices.


Involve your employees in the process to develop your internal communications strategy. They are after all the ones who will be benefiting from what you put out, so why not ask them what they would like to see? Running engagement surveys across your whole business will help focus your efforts and gain valuable feedback on what you’ve been doing to date. It will undoubtedly add new ideas to your pot, and even perhaps streamline some of your less effective tactics in the process.

Survey Monkey is still the leader in the UK market for quick and easy templated survey software, but there are countless other free and subscription based survey builders you can use to poll your workforce, including Google Forms and Typeform. Or you can work with your brand agency to build and design a more bespoke survey experience.


While it’s great to improve digital communications, don’t forget the importance of bringing people together in person. Depending on your business, these meet ups can be as formal or informal as you need, and can be as frequent as required. From 15-minute Monday morning meetings to large quarterly conferences – employees get a lot out of regular updates, and your brand will certainly get out what you put in.

We’ve explored more on internal communications in more detail in this expanded article.