Hanson - EcoCrete branding and sustainability labelling

Developing an ownable and flexible brand to identify and promote Hanson’s large range of low carbon concretes.

Brand guidlines for Hanson Ecocrete

Hanson has long been at the forefront in the production of low carbon cements and concretes, but work was needed to raise awareness of this within the UK construction sector. We created a simple, unifying brand and labelling system to clearly identify Hanson’s eco-friendly products and highlight their credentials. From varying levels of CO2 reduction to recycled content and structural strength, the system enables Hanson to showcase the key sustainability performance benefits of its low carbon concretes at a glance.

Creating an ownable brand asset

Using shapes already familiar within the Hanson brand like the squares within the logo, we combined this with the ‘O’ of ‘ECO/CO2’ to create a modern leaf asset. It forms an integral part of the EcoCrete brand and has been designed to be bold and flexible so that it can be used across all relevant product lines and a new labelling system. A full set of assets and guidelines ensure the EcoCrete brand and leaf device is applied consistently across the business and its varied product lines.

EcoCrete Elite Brand
Ecocrete Brand
Ecocrete Brand

One brand with 3 levels

The EcoCrete brand with its incremental suffixes, give Hanson the ability to clearly communicate the varying levels of carbon intensity and carbon reduction being achieved across its whole range of products. The base level – EcoCrete is 35-49% reduction of CO2, their mid level – EcoCrete Extra is 50-69% reduction of CO2 and their lowest level – EcoCrete Elite is 70%+ reduction of CO2.

Ecocrete Branded Brochure — Front cover showing wind turbines in countryside.

This flexible, bold approach features a distinct complementary device which now enables Hanson to clearly communicate their impressive sustainability credentials to the market.

Branded Mixer Truck
Ecocrete Brand Guideline

Flexible labelling solution

The strength and performance needed from each concrete mix directly impacts its sustainable credentials. The simple and flexible leaf device has been designed to work as a series of data labels. This means Hanson can communicate the exact amounts of CO2 reduction being achieved or the quantity of recycled content being included per mix at a glance. Whether sitting alongside other product brands or below them, the brand device is able to identify, quantify and elevate Hanson’s low carbon offering across their range of building materials at every touchpoint.