“Michon asked some really important questions that helped us think about our core values and our future business model.”

Peak Wellbeing

A well respected and successful physiotherapy practice asked us to help them raise the bar for their business and reach more people with their holistic approach to wellbeing and fitness. To enhance their public image and communicate their key messages we considered various aspects of their brand:

• New practice name • Brand identity and strapline
• Practice look and feel • Printed and online collateral
• Photography style • Brand language and key messages


Rethinking physiotherapy

Owners Mike and Liz Whitehead wanted to stand out from the crowd with a holistic wellness offer that could over time, include mental health, nutrition and beauty. They asked us to present physiotherapy as an effective and innovative option for managing all aspects of health – not just a way to get ‘fixed’ after injury. This evolution would help open up the practice to a wide customer group – from elite athletes to elderly people.


Our approach

We spent time getting to know the practice inside and out. Their successes, challenges and ambitions. Every business has individual skills and attributes that make it distinct and special – that’s what we tap into and amplify to create a unique and engaging brand.


A high-performance name

Radcliffe Physiotherapy was too limiting as a name and did not communicate the practice’s broad offer. It also gave the business a local feel that did not reach out beyond their immediate community. As Mike and Liz are looking to developing their portfolio of services in the future, a new name would need to be flexible enough to give them room to grow.

It was also imperative that everything we recommended was built on the foundation of the core brand values. As part of our initial process these were established early on and embraced by the owners.


To quickly communicate what Peak Wellbeing are all about, we also crafted a strapline to sit alongside their new name and logo, as required.


A look and feel for the future

The brand we created appeals to a broad range of customers who want to maintain or improve their health and fitness. It is friendly and personal, so it appeals to individuals of all ages and fitness levels looking for one-to-one support. It is also fresh and dynamic, so it attracts private and public sector partners, as well as serious athletes looking for innovative fitness professionals.

The result

Peak Wellbeing is now a brand that stands out from the crowd. It looks professional, honest and innovative, in line with its core brand values. The practice now communicates that it is ready to serve a broad customer base over a wide geographical area with the latest thinking and techniques for health and fitness.



“We immediately trusted Michon’s perspective. All their ideas and principles were thoughtful and reasoned.”