40% of people specifying would choose the Sika brand since the campaign launched.


Working closely with our colleagues at Sika, we developed a campaign strategy to engage over 33.5k UK construction industry experts.

Right from the get go, the brief was to raise awareness and communicate that Sika has a solution for pretty much any architectural waterproofing challenge. It’s done that and more.


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We’ve continued to update the ongoing campaign with bigger and better CGIs, bespoke website functionality and content, and an array of supporting materials. As such it continues to be hugely successful with division sales, margin and brand recall up year on year.



“We set out to simply increase awareness of Sika’s waterproofing products, but this campaign and the concept behind it has done so much more. There’s no question that the work Michon has done for us has been instrumental in helping Sika achieve our No.1 status in the waterproofing market.”